2021 Zimmel Medal of Valor

On August 29, 2021, at approximately 7:30 pm, Officers were dispatched to a disturbance call with multiple individuals reportedly attempting to push their way into an apartment while possessing a handgun. Upon arrival, Officer Zimmel witnessed a male holding a black firearm that he placed in his front waistband.  Officer Zimmel attempted to get the suspect to comply with verbal commands; however, he disobeyed and turned to conceal the removal of his firearm from his waistband.  Without hesitation, Officer Zimmel went hands-on by grabbing the male’s left arm and pushing him into the wall to disrupt his ability to gain access to the firearm. The male resisted physically and pulled out his gun but lost control, dropping it onto the ground.  Officer Zimmel took the male to the floor in a direction away from the firearm and transmitted information out on his portable radio allowing responding officers to understand the gravity of the situation. The male continued to physically fight and reach for his front waistband in search of the gun.  A taser was utilized to assist with being able to get this male into custody.

Chief Monroe has awarded Officer Eric Zimmel the Medal of Valor for his actions that displayed unusual thoroughness, conscientiousness, determination, and initiative involving a substantial risk to his own life.