2020 Horn and Fildes Life Saving Award


On March 27, 2020, at approximately 3:46 pm, Officer in training Maria Bischoff and her training Officer Mike Fildes were dispatched to a possible cardiac arrest involving a male that was found unresponsive on his back porch. Officer Jessica Horn heard the medical dispatch and “jumped the call” due to her close proximity. Upon arrival, the victim’s wife was being instructed by a dispatch operator to begin CPR. Officer Horn arrived on scene shortly after chest compressions were being performed and immediately replaced the victim’s wife with this responsibility.

Due to the urgency of this medical emergency, Officer Fildes assumed the primary support role to allow his trainee to observe and learn from this experience. Officer Bischoff retrieved an AED while Officer Fildes began cutting the victim’s clothing to prepare him for placing the AED pads. During the time period that life saving measures were being performed, a couple AED shocks were administered. Officer Fildes assumed the role of performing chest compressions once Officer Horn became fatigued. Once paramedics from FM Ambulance arrived, the Lucas machine was attached and also performed chest compressions for a few minutes. A pulse was ultimately located and the male began to breathe on his own. 

The victim was transported to the Sanford hospital where he currently is recovering.  The patient is alive today directly because of the immediate and emergent response provided by his wife and the actions of both Officer Horn and Fildes.