Sidewalk Snow Removal


Sidewalk snow removal is important to the safety and convenience of the many people using our city sidewalks for transportation each day, including school children, mail and newspaper carriers, walkers, and runners.

Whose job is it?

The City of Moorhead is responsible for street snow removal and sidewalks adjacent to City properties. Individual property owners are responsible for snow removal on the sidewalks adjacent to their property.

What’s the rule?

The City code standard requires that sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice by 9 pm after it stops snowing. Here are some other important tips:

  • If you live on a corner, all sidewalks must be cleared, including the crosswalk approaches.
  • Do not shovel snow onto neighboring properties or into the street.
  • Do not blow snow beyond your neighbor’s fence line.
  • Make arrangements with a neighbor or a snow removal service to care for your property if you are going to be on vacation or are otherwise unable to shovel your walk in a timely way.
  • Consider helping your neighbors with snow removal when they are out of town or when health issues become obstacles.

How do I make a report?

If you notice a property in Moorhead that has an unshoveled public sidewalk, please make a report or call the Neighborhood Services Division at 218.299.5434. Your name will not be released to the property owner.

What happens next?

Inspectors will leave a placard at the property with a short compliance timeline as a courtesy reminder when sidewalks are not cleared in a timely way. If the walks are not cleared by the compliance date, the City will hire the snow removal so that walkways are safe. The property owner will be charged for the cost of the service plus an administrative penalty ($100). Further violations at the same property within one year are charged an administrative penalty at the time the complaint is verified and no compliance period is given before the City hires the snow removal. Unpaid snow removal charges and penalties are assessed to the property.