2020 Bischoff Life Saving Award


On December 22, 2020, at approximately 12:30 am, Officer Maria Bischoff overheard an emergency dispatch for a medical involving a female that was not breathing. All Moorhead Officers were tied up on other calls for service with nobody specific for dispatch to assign. Shortly after Sgt. Kostohryz advised that he would respond to the medical emergency, he was advised that Officers Bischoff and Hermes were also clearing and would be in route to assist. Officer Bischoff was the first officer to arrive on scene.

Officer Bischoff located the unresponsive female victim in the main entryway of the residence and began administering chest compressions. When Officer Hermes arrived she attached an AED to monitor the heart activity. The AED device advised “no shock” based on the assessment. Officer Hermes assumed the role of providing chest compressions until additional EMS responders arrived. A pulse was restored on scene and the victim was reported to be communicating the following day.

Rapid response and effective medical intervention is measured in minutes to prevent brain damage or death. The patient is alive today directly because of the immediate and emergent response provided by Officer Bischoff and other first responders. Sgt. Kostohryz indicated that this was the first time Officer Bischoff truly experienced administration of CPR and she did so showing amazing calm and poise. If these officers had not prioritized this medical emergency as they did, a significant time delay would have resulted due to icy roads for other responders to begin rescue efforts.