2020 Bjorndahl Life Saving Award


On March 23, 2020, at approximately 8:56 pm, Officer Nick Bjorndahl overheard an emergency dispatch for a medical involving a male that was passed out and would not wake up. Dispatch also advised that someone on scene was trying to do CPR. Recognizing that he was somewhat close to this medical location on an unrelated non-emergent incident, Officer Bjorndahl advised dispatch that he would respond to assist.

Officer Bjorndahl located an unresponsive male victim in the basement of the residence with another male attempting to provide rescue breathes. Upon confirming that the victim wasn’t breathing and did not have a pulse, Officer Bjorndahl began CPR. After approximately two minutes, the victim demonstrated that he was beginning to breathe and had a restored pulse. As further medical assistance was provided by EMS, the victim ultimately was able to sit up and walk himself to the ambulance to be transported to the hospital. 

Rapid response and effective medical intervention is measured in minutes to prevent brain damage or death.  It is estimated that the victim may have been in cardiac arrest for about six minutes before officer Bjorndahl began chest compressions.  The patient is alive today directly because of the immediate and emergent response provided by Officer Bjorndahl.