2020 Dahl Life Saving Award


On April 3, 2020, at approximately 11:30 am, Officers were dispatched to a medical emergency for a male in cardiac arrest at the Runnings store located on Highway 10 East. Dilworth Officer Hoversten was first to arrive and was directed to the employee break room. Officer Hoversten began administering chest compressions on a male victim as other officers were arriving. Once Officer Hoversten became fatigued, Moorhead Officer Brian Dahl took over performing the chest compressions on the victim until EMS arrived for advanced life-support and transport to the hospital. 

Immediate proper medical intervention is the first critical link toward making a chain toward recovery. This victim is fortunate for each life-saving action that everyone did on the day he and his family will never forget. The male’s heart is now functioning on its’ own and he is well on the road to recovery.