Long Range Planning


Comprehensive Plans

If you want to see our community’s vision for growth, look over the City of Moorhead Comprehensive Plan, which provides the framework for growth and development.  The Comprehensive Plan outlines the policies, standards and principles that serve as the basis for updating the City’s zoning, subdivision and other development standards and establishes long-term community goals.

Bike & Pedestrian Plans

Downtown Plans

Growth Plans

Moorhead and surrounding growth areas are guided by Growth Area Plans, which specifies where future streets, parks, businesses and homes are anticipated to be located.

Alternative Urban Areawide Review

The Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) is an environmental review for future development projects within the Growth Area Plan.  It inventories environmental and cultural resources, identifies potential cumulative impacts of one or more development scenarios and focuses on effective mitigation strategies.

  Moorhead River Corridor Studies

Other Corridor Studies

A copy of these plans are on file at the City of Moorhead Planning & Zoning Division - 4th Floor of City Hall, 500 Center Avenue, Moorhead, MN.