Annexation Resources


Moorhead – Oakport Township Annexation

The City of Moorhead and Oakport Township entered into a Joint Resolution for Orderly Annexation in 1990, which outlined the legal process for annexation of the area defined as “Tract 2” of Oakport Township in 2015.

The City of Moorhead, Oakport Township and Clay County also entered into a Joint Powers Agreement in 1990, which extended land use, building, street design and drainage standards to the Joint Powers area (there have subsequently been eighteen amendments to the Joint Powers Agreement). This Agreement established the Oakport Joint Powers Board, which includes representatives from all three jurisdictions. The Board is currently responsible for planning and land use activities in "Tract 3" of the Oakport Joint Powers Agreement

Moorhead - Dilworth Orderly Annexation Boundary Agreements

The Cities of Moorhead and Dilworth have negotiated orderly annexation boundaries within Glyndon, Moorhead and Oakport Townships for the future growth of both cities. The annexation agreements will help the cities plan properly for the anticipated growth of both cities and assist in the orderly planning of the expansion of municipal services to the area. No property within the areas covered by the agreements is sought to be annexed at this time.

Annexation Boundary Map