2022 Comprehensive Plan

You did it, Moorhead! The update to the City of Moorhead Comprehensive Plan is now complete and was approved by the City Council on March 28, 2022 after more than a year of public input. 

Based on your comments, the Plan will help set the stage for prioritizing growth and development over the next 10 years. The plan looks at future issues, goals and visioning to prepare for changes in our community as we continue to grow.

Now, the next steps are to implement your ideas. To that end, we will start with the top priorities of the Plan, which are encompassed in the Five Big Ideas:

1. Transform Downtown Moorhead into the ‘heart of the community’ by incorporating a range of housing and retail options, cultural amenities, parks, and public services.

 2. Integrate a mix of mutually supportive land uses and experiences in redevelopment areas by building upon and strengthening existing retail centers and utilizing experience-based marketing.

 3. Connect neighborhoods to parks and trails and provide multimodal access to downtown, the Red River, and community amenities.

 4. Embrace resilient environmental and equitable solutions, planning for infrastructure, building development, energy, and climate adaptation while building a greener community.

 5. Build and nurture local businesses as key partners in building and maintaining a prosperous community.




View the summary of the Onward Moorhead Comprehensive Plan process here (recommended browsers - Firefox or Chrome):

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View Appendix A: Downtown Moorhead Intersection Safety Considerations

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