Bike Patrol


In 1996, the Police Department recognized the need for specialized police patrol beyond normal squad cars. To fill this need, we formed the Bike Patrol Unit and began utilizing bicycle patrols as a tool to:

  • Deter criminal activity
  • Provide alternate enforcement methods
  • Promote public relations
  • Educate area youth regarding bicycle safety

The Bike Patrol Unit is now a formal part of the Patrol division. The unit is comprised of 14 Patrol Officers and 3 Sergeants that are trained as Police cyclists under the International Police Mountain Biking Association guidelines. Bike Officers undergo a rigorous training program prior to being assigned to duty on a bike. There are 16 certified IPMBA Bike instructors in the state of Minnesota who are able to train new police cyclists; Officer Nick Schultz and Officer Katie Schultz are two of the 16. Since its formation in 1996, the Bike Patrol Unit has proven to be an effective policing tool for the City of Moorhead and its citizens.

The Bike Patrol is also part of the Police Department's community policing initiative. Officers find policing on bikes has enabled them to interact more closely with citizens allowing them to be better informed as to what problems exist in a particular neighborhood, addressing these problems and make neighborhoods in our community safer places to live.


Bike Patrol Duties

Officers assigned to the Bike Patrol Unit perform the same duties as officers assigned to motor patrol. Officers on bikes are assigned patrol beats and answer assigned calls. Bike Patrol Officers are also assigned to work and address specific problems that may arise within the community. Bike Patrol Officers make arrests for offenses ranging from Driving While Under the Influence to felony narcotics arrests.

If you have any questions about the Bike Patrol Unit, or would like to schedule a bike safety presentation, contact Sergeant Clint Stephenson.