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Triad is an organization that educates senior citizens about crime prevention and works with law enforcement to ensure that crime-related issues that affect seniors are addressed.

Why Triad is Necessary

Consider the 81-year-old woman pushed to the ground as her purse was snatched at a shopping mall. She feels fortunate that she received only scrapes and bruises and no broken bones. She is now afraid to go out alone; her independence and self-confidence have been stolen.

Consider the 67-year-old man who lost half of his life savings in a fraudulent stock transaction and consider the elderly widow who paid $1,000 deposit to roofers who never returned to do the job.

In a world that is often unfair, to be old and victimized seems among the cruelest of the inequities. Approximately one of every eight Americans must face the realities of aging. Their situations vary, as do the ways they deal with growing older. Regardless of their circumstances, however, most senior citizens say they worry about crime. Many fear they may become victims.

As a group, older people can be a powerful and active force. As individuals, they can be vulnerable and may need help. The vulnerability of some of its members sets this population apart from other age groups also concerned about crime. This vulnerability requires an innovative community-wide approach to the problem of the elderly and crime. Fortunately, large numbers of active and capable older adults are willing to invest time and energy in this community-wide approach. This is the approach TRIAD takes.

More Info and Joining Triad

Monthly Triad meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am at the Hjemkomst Center located at 202 1 Ave. N. in Moorhead.  All seniors are welcome and encouraged to attend to take an active role in senior safety.  If you are interested in becoming a part of TRIAD or just finding out more about it, contact the Police Department’s Community Policing Coordinator or call 218.299.5143.

Valley Triad Presents Third Thursday Breakfast Club

Speakers present on relevant topics of crime prevention and senior safety.

Fryn' Pan
2920 US Hwy 10
Moorhead, MN

Held every 3rd Thursday of the month at 8:45 am. There is no charge to attend but you buy your own food. Call 218.299.5514 to register.

Check out the Senior Center to keep on top of all upcoming activities for seniors!  

Additional Resources

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  • If you are being hurt or feel afraid...there is help -- see important information about elder abuse