Website Privacy Policy


This Privacy Statement discloses the information gathering practices of the City of Moorhead regarding visits to this website.

Information Automatically Logged

Every access to this site results in logged information. This information includes your IP address, the page you requested, the date and time of the access and, where possible, the referring page and the cookie established by our web server. This information is used for gathering broad demographics in the interest of improving our site. This information is stored indefinitely by the City.

In addition to statistical analysis, this data could be used in reaction to system security breaches and/or at the request of law enforcement.

Website Privacy

The City applies the same privacy to information submitted via our websites that it does for a phone or in-person conversation. We will not sell, rent or lease this information to third parties; however, all information collected is subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, which classifies certain information so that it is available to the public on request.  In general, all data we store is public data, unless explicitly classified otherwise by statute.

This website can collect personal information, for the purpose of communication with citizens and other site visitors, and in the course of registration, payment or other transactions.  Your submission of this data is always voluntary.


This site contains links to other, non-City websites that provide relevant information, but are outside the control of the City.  While we are careful about what we link to, the City is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites.

Citizen Contact Data

As of May 24, 2013, the email addresses and phone numbers of citizens who submit their contact information to the City for notification purposes or for a subscription service are classified as private data; subsequently, this data will not be provided to anyone outside the City, unless by court order.  The names of people that have signed up for these notifications and/or subscriptions are still public data.  The telephone number, email address, username, password, IP address and any other similar data related to an individual’s online account or access procedures is private data.

eNotification System

This website offers an eNotification system that can send emails to registered users when content is posted on this site.  Use of the eNotification system is completely voluntary.  Many of these notifications are also available through our social media accounts, such as our Twitter and Facebook pages.

The data collected for the eNotification system will only be used by the City to provide notifications through this website.  As detailed in the Citizen Contact Data section, any email address you provide is classified as private data.

Contact Forms

Instead of directly displaying email addresses, this site utilizes several contact forms to provide a way for citizens and other site visitors to contact the City.  This is done solely to reduce the amount of unsolicited commercial email (spam), phishing, malware and other unwanted and inappropriate email from being sent to the City.  The submissions of these contact forms go directly to an email inbox.  Staff and elected officials will only use this data for the purposes of replying to any question or other requests submitted through these forms.  As detailed in the Citizen Contact Data section, any email address or phone number you provide is classified as private data.


This website might store an identifying token on your PC in the form of a “cookie”.  This cookie is used for site personalization and the eNotification system.  Storing this cookie is not required for use of this site.  Blocking this and/or all cookies will prevent a site visitor from using the site personalization options and eNotification system, but will not block viewing of any content on this site.

Credit Card Data

City websites never receives or stores any credit card data.  All credit card data is received by an external payment processor, which simply provides confirmation or denial of the transaction to the City website.

Cass County Alerts

The Cass County Alerts system data is stored by the vendor, Everbridge, and governed by their separate privacy policy.

Acceptance of this Policy

The use of our website signifies your acceptance of this privacy policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use this website. The City reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this policy at any time.

Corrections and Updates

This policy was last updated on June 12, 2014.  Any future revisions to this policy will be updated at this location.

Contact Us about this Policy

Please direct questions or comments about this policy to the IT Director.