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Public Notification of Level 3 Predatory Offender Returning to Moorhead

Post Date:02/13/2023 12:56 pm

The Moorhead Police Department requests your assistance in disseminating the attached information on a Level III Predatory Offender residing in Moorhead. The attached fact sheet for Tolefree has all the public information. Citizens can access further information on Level III offenders in the City of Moorhead by going to the Moorhead Police Department website.

Andre Tolefree 2.8.23 

 Andre Tolefree

Public Disclaimer: Offenders released from prison and/or are moving to Moorhead have either served their time and are free to choose where they live or have been placed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections (MN DOC). The Moorhead Police Department does not have authority in these decisions but is assigned to monitor them for registration compliance.

Captain Deric Swenson, 218.299.5186

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