Rules & Etiquette



  • All players must check in at the golf shop before playing
  • Players must wear golf shoes or tennis shoes and shirt at all times
  • Each player must have their own set of golf clubs (club rentals are available)
  • Each golfer is responsible for any damage to property/persons caused by his or her golf ball, golf club, or golf cart while on the course, practice facilities, clubhouse, or parking lot

Course:golf cart

  • Players are not allowed to hit or retrieve balls from private property (homeowners)
  • Only alcoholic beverages purchased from the golf course beverage cart or restaurant are allowed on the course/practice facilities
  • All golfers must adhere to the course's pace of play requirements
    • 2 hours per nine holes of golf or 4 hours per 18 holes of golf
    • Any slow golfers that are holding up play and out of position will be asked to pick up pace or told to move into proper position


  • Cart driver must have a valid driver's license issued by a state or provincial government
  • Keep carts off tees and 30 feet from greens
  • Only two golfers/riders per cart
  • All golfers/riders must pay the rider fee
  • Golf carts must be returned by sunset regardless of position on the course

Any person violating these rules may be removed from the course.  The Meadows and Village Green Golf Courses reserve the right to deny service to any person that doesn't comply with these course rules.