“A new Community Center Library will serve as the cornerstone of downtown redevelopment and give our citizens a gathering place and information space for generations to come.”

Moorhead Mayor Shelly Carlson

Conceptual Building Section Sketch

(Updated Dec. 27, 2023)

The architecture team for the Community Center Library project – in cooperation with the City/Community Design Team – is completing the schematic design phase of the project. These preliminary drawings show the project’s major features, which will be used to establish cost elements.

The design of the project has been informed by ideas the community shared during public outreach events. A walking loop and year-round playground were especially prominent in the public’s input. The community was also excited about the Center for Entrepreneurship, which is funded by a federal grant.

Some exciting things that have emerged from the schematic design phase include:

  • Multiple amenities under one roof: The design work focused on creating spaces and places for everyone. The second floor is shaping up to be the fun/active zone while the first floor focuses on library/gathering/inspiration space.
  • Sustainability in design: The Design Team has incorporated sustainability principles within the design process.
  • Welcoming gathering space: Serving the entire community as well as the downtown, the location at the key intersection of 5 Street and Center Avenue will become a focal point for the downtown environment.

As the schematic phase progressed, cost increases in construction provided some challenges as the team worked to provide features that the community had requested. On December 11, the Moorhead City Council approved additional funds for the project through a combination of the City’s remaining federal pandemic relief funds, Capital Improvement Fund contribution, City land sales, and future sponsorship and contributions. Mayor Shelly Carlson will be creating a giving campaign committee and there will be a wide variety of opportunities for project donations.

Project sponsorships/contributions will help to make this building a new anchor for downtown that can be enjoyed by everyone for generations to come.

This is an exciting time for Moorhead!

For more information, visit the project page.


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