Subscribe on Android

Please use the following steps to subscribe to our Public Meetings calendar using Google Calendar.  This process applies to any device using Google Calendar, including Chromebooks and Android mobile devices.
  1. Open up the Google Calendar website by following this link.  This will open your calendar in a new browser tab or window; so, you can continue to follow these instructions:

  2. In the lower left side of the window, look for the section named Other calendars
  3. Click the + icon next to Other Calendars

    Add Calendar

  4. Click From URL
    From URL

  5. Copy the following webcal link and paste it into the box labled URL of calendar:

  6. Click Add calendar
  7. Return to your calendar view and you should now see a City of Moorhead - Public Meetings calendar listed under the Other calendars section.  The calendar should begin to synchronize with your Android and Chrome devices the next time they connect to your Google Calendar.