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City of Moorhead Receives FM Area Foundation Grant for Phase 2 of Inclusive Playground

Post Date:07/09/2024 9:00 am

The Inclusive Playground is an innovative addition to our community and offers a welcoming space where individuals of all abilities can come together for fun and recreation. The play area features a specially designed rubber surface, landscaping, and sidewalks, making it accessible for individuals using wheelchairs and those with mobility challenges. Additionally, the park boasts a variety of amenities, including swings, a teeter-totter, and more, all carefully crafted to promote inclusivity and accessibility.

While the playground is set to be a regional draw, fundraising efforts are still underway to erect a perimeter fence, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all visitors. The fence is an essential element needed for children with elopement tendencies so they can be allowed the freedom to play without safety worries.

In the City of Moorhead there are 54 parks and a total of 187 parks in the FM metro area without a single park or playground being completely fenced. In a metro of one-quarter million people, having at least one fully fenced playground that addresses the issue of elopement for growing children is needed. This grant from the FM Area Foundation gets us to our halfway point in our fundraising, a crucial step in the process.

About the Inclusive Playground:

Situated adjacent to the Miracle Field, the Inclusive Playground at Southside Regional Park represents a significant step towards creating a fully inclusive recreational space in Moorhead. Just as the Miracle Field has revolutionized baseball for athletes with mobility challenges, the Inclusive Playground aims to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among community members of all abilities.

The Inclusive Playground was a citizen-initiated request for a play space for individuals with special needs. The project received unanimous support from the Moorhead Parks Advisory Board and City Council and was recommended for priority funding in 2018 and officially opened in 2024. 

About the FM Area Foundation:

The FM Area Foundation is the community foundation created by and for the people of Cass County, North Dakota, and Clay County, Minnesota. The FM Area Foundation helps people give back to the community and ensures that the needs of the community are addressed now and in perpetuity. Working in partnership with individuals, families, businesses, and professional advisors, the FM Area Foundation manages charitable funds and provides grants to qualified nonprofit organizations and scholarships to students. The FM Area Foundation has been serving the community through philanthropy since 1960.



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