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Public Hearing Notice - Planning & Zoning

Planning Commission 6/6/2022 at 5:30 PM

Post Date:05/26/2022 12:00 pm

Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission of the City of Moorhead will hold a Public Hearing at the Hjemkomst Center Auditorium on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 5:30 pm to consider the following items:  

  1. Request of West Holdings, LLC for Vacation of Easements within Twelfth Avenue Business Park Addition described as follows: 
    • The 10.00-foot utility easements that lie on the common lot line between Lots 11 and 13 and Lots 13 and 12, Block 1, TWELFTH AVENUE BUSINESS PARK ADDITON, according to the recorded plat thereof on file and of record in the Office of the County Recorder, Clay County, Minnesota. LESS AND EXCEPT those portions of said easement that lie within 10.00 feet of the southwesterly right of way line of Main Avenue SE and within 10 feet of the northwesterly line of 16th Avenue South. 
    • TOGETHER WITH that portion of the 15.00-foot utility easement that lies along the south line of said Lot 11 that lies easterly of the centerline of the 20.00-foot sanitary sewer easement dedicated on said plat. 
  2. Request of West Holdings, LLC for Preliminary and Final Plat relating to Twelfth Avenue Business Park 2nd Addition for parcels 58.799.0130 and 58.799.0110, described as follows: 
    • Lots 11 and 13, Block 1, Twelfth Avenue Business Park Addition to the City of Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota and that part of Lot 12, Block 1 described as follows: 
      • Commencing at the northwest corner of said Lot 12; North 87 degrees 17 minutes 53 seconds East along the north line of said Lot 12 a distance of 263.34 feet to the point of beginning; thence continuing North 87 degrees 17 minutes 53 seconds East a distance of 14.06 feet; thence South 02 degrees 34 minutes 52 seconds East along the west line of said Lot 13, a distance of 17.90 feet; thence North 87 degrees 25 minutes 08 seconds East along the north line of said Lot 12 a distance of 266.27 feet to the north right of way of 16th Avenue South; thence South 51 degrees 02 minutes 28 seconds West along said right of way a distance of 215.05 feet; thence southwesterly 35.42 feet along a curve to the northwest having a radius of 539.08 feet and a central angle of 3 degrees 45 minutes 51 seconds; thence North 27 degrees 49 minutes 08 seconds West a distance of 182.90 feet to the point. Said parcels contain 6.327 acres of land, more or less and are subject to all easements, restrictions, reservations and rights of way, if any. 
  3. Request of West Holdings, LLC for Rezone from LI: Light Industrial to CC: Community Commercial at:
    • For that portion of 1351 Main Ave SE – Parcel 58.799.0110 - Lot 11, Block 1, Twelfth Avenue Business Park Addition to the City of Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota where new lot line created by Twelfth Avenue Business Park 2nd Addition creates a LI/CC split zone on the same parcel.
  4. Request of D. Buchholz Construction for a Conditional Use Permit for self-storage in CC: Community Commercial at:
    • 1991 Main Ave SE - Parcel 58.752.0050 - Lot 5, Block 1, Southeast Main Business Park 1st Addition
  5. Request of V. Gaba for a Conditional Use Permit for religious institution in MU-1: Downtown Mixed Use at:
    •  16 4th St N - Parcel 58.520.4020 – Lot 00B, Block 4, Moorhead Urban Renewal 1st Addition
  6. Request of T. Fischer for a Conditional Use Permit for residential parking lot in RLD-0a at:
    • 1500 Wall St Ave N - Parcel 58.881.3001 - Beg. 749.7' N of SW corner of SW1/4; N 965.54'; SE'LY 228.98'; NE 7'; S 181.53'; SE 898.68' & W 852.56' to beg. less road Section 16 Township 140 Range 048 (abbreviated description – full description available upon request)
  7. Request of City of Moorhead for text amendments to the Moorhead City Code, Title 11-5 regarding subdivision design standards as they relate to snow storage.

At the hearing, the City of Moorhead will afford an opportunity for interested persons to be heard with respect to these items. 

If you cannot attend the hearing in person and wish to make a comment, please submit oral or written comments no later than noon the day of the meeting to: 

Planning & Zoning, PO Box 779, Moorhead, MN 56561 or contact staff at or 218.299.5374 

The meeting will be live-streamed to the City’s Homepage, on the City’s Youtube Channel and on air on Moorhead Community Access Media (MCAM) on Midco Channel 12 or Sparklight Channel 58.


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