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Mosquito Control - Please check your property

Post Date:08/05/2019 10:24 am

Cass County Vector Control (CCVC) has been working very hard this year fighting mosquitos in Moorhead and the larger FM metro area.  So far this summer, 4 aerial applications and 4 city-wide truck-mounted, ultra-low volume ground spray applications have been conducted.  CCVC personnel have also applied record amounts of larvicide in hundreds of breeding sites in Moorhead.  Despite their best efforts, this year’s mosquito counts have been very high. 

While all neighborhoods are affected, the neighborhood around Concordia College has the highest trap counts in the F-M area.  CCVC has conducted additional ATV/backpack spraying in this neighborhood to help improve conditions and they will continue an aggressive larvicide program. Additional aerial and ground applications are anticipated through the remainder of the season. 

We need everyone’s help to ensure lawns are maintained and residents eliminate any standing water on properties serving as breeding sites for mosquitoes. Please check your property and talk with your neighbors about mosquito control. CCVC has tips for property owners to control the mosquito population

Moorhead Public Works, 218.299.5422

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