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Public Comment Period/Public Hearing - Community Development Block Grant

Comments and suggestions from the public are welcome

Post Date:07/16/2020 9:01 am

The City of Moorhead will take actions to program proposed Community Development Block Grant funding available.  

The following CDBG resources are anticipated to be available during 2020:
• $266,803 – 2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allocation from HUD
• $225,000 – 2020 Program Income (estimated)
• $122,375 – 2020 Unobligated Funds at 2019 Year-End
Total = $614,178

Other leverage resources are anticipated during 2020 to address needs identified within the Consolidated Plan from Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, West Central Initiative, United Way, and others.
The 2020 Annual Action Plan describes how these funds will be spent locally. Community development programs recommended for funding with 2020 CDBG funds in the Action Plan include public service programs targeted to low-to-moderate income households to provide recreational opportunities for youth, public transportation assistance, homebuyer education, a youth program and improved data collection for homelessness services. Non-public service activities benefiting low-to-moderate income households include single family rehabilitation loans, capital needs projects in public housing and at a homeless shelter, acquisition for affordable rental construction, accessibility improvements, and broadband infrastructure installation benefiting low income subsidized housing tenants.

The City of Moorhead received an additional allocation from HUD in response to combating the effects of COVID-19. The City of Moorhead will receive Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) Entitlement funds to be used to prevent, prepare and respond to COVID-19. The City of Moorhead was awarded the following CDBG-CV funds to prepare for, prevent and respond to COVID-19:

• $156,951 – CDBG-CV allocation

The draft 2020 Annual Action Plan describes how these funds are proposed to be spent locally. Community development programs recommended for funding with CDBG-CV funds in the Action Plan include public service programs to provide housing assistance and food assistance through local homeless shelters and food pantry.

Potential Adjustments to Activities & Budget
• Reductions to forecasted revenue or grant award will first drawdown from the contingency account established within the plan. If the reduction exceeds the contingency account, unobligated home rehabilitation activities will be reduced, or the City may conduct a plan amendment after public notification.
• Revenue received that exceeds the revenue forecast or a grant award more than estimated will be applied to home rehabilitation loans, or the City may conduct a plan amendment after public notification.
• Fluctuations greater than 25% of activity budgets will require a plan amendment with a 30-day public comment period.

The City of Moorhead plans to amend its Citizen Participation Plan to include HUD waivers of statutory regulations to 2020 CDBG and CDBG-CV allocations. These waivers remove the requirement to hold in-person public hearings in order to comply with national and local public health recommendations and allows for a reduced 5-day public comment period to increase flexibility in responding to emergency conditions.

Comments & Suggestions
The draft 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan and the draft 2020 Action Plan, which detail how these funds will be spent locally, and the Amended Citizen Participation Plan are available online at (type “CDBG plan” in search bar) and at the Moorhead Public Housing Agency at 800 2 Ave N, Moorhead. Comments may be submitted online on the City’s website or by contacting the Administration Department at the phone number or address below.

Comments and suggestions from the public are encouraged through a public comment period. Alternative formats of this information or accommodation for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency will be made upon request (10 hours’ notice is required). To make arrangements for services, call 218-299-5434; for TDD/Relay service dial 711.

30-Day Public Comment period: July 17, 2020 through August 15, 2020

Send written comments or phone: 
City of Moorhead
Attn. CD Program Administrator
PO Box 779, Moorhead MN 56561

Public Hearing: Monday, August 10, 2020 - 5:45 pm
Due to the COVID-19 emergency declaration executed by Mayor Johnathan Judd on March 16, 2020, City Council meetings will be held using virtual meeting technology. The meetings will be live-streamed to the City's Homepage, on the City's YouTube channel and air on Moorhead Community Access Media (MCAM) on Channel 12 (Midco) or Channel 58 (CableOne).
More information can be found at

To Participate:
Public Comment Line: 218.299.5001 (if no answer, please leave your message or call-back number)

Final Council Consideration: Monday, August 24, 2020

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