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Snow Emergency Decleration Continues

Request for publics help in clearing the streets

Post Date:01/18/2020 5:14 pm

Street crews and police officers are noticing improved ability to keep snow emergency routes open with the parking restrictions.  Police have not impounded cars yet and hope it can be avoided as people get the message and comply with the no parking restriction.  Campuses are assisting in getting the message out to their students as well.  Police have placed orange tow tags on cars in effort to draw attention and better educate people on the restriction.  Please pay attention to emergency snow route signage where you park or you can check the map at or


We have a couple of problem areas we could use your help in clearing for the plows:

Belsley Boulevard from 8th St to 20th St

20th Avenue South from 8th St to 20th St 

4 St S and 5 St S from Main Avenue to the Interstate  

If you are parked on these streets, please move your car or you could be subject to impound.  Let’s work together to assist our street crews.

 Sergeant Scott Kostohryz 218.299.5103

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