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Moorhead Flood 2019 Update: Reopening Transportation Routes and Parks

Timing depends upon river levels and extent of debris

Post Date:04/23/2019 3:28 pm

1 Ave N Bridge: City crews will pump remaining floodwater from the 1 Ave N underpass Tuesday and Wednesday. Debris and sediment removal will begin promptly thereafter. It is expected the 1 Ave N bridge will reopen to traffic for Monday morning’s commute if not before.

Other River Crossings: Cleanup of the 15 Ave N bridge and the Rivershore Drive underpass will begin when the river recedes to approximately 28 feet. The 3 St underpass will begin when the river recedes to approximately 21 feet. Clean up will take several days. Clay County is responsible for maintenance of the N Broadway bridge, which is impacted at a lower river stage.

Parks and Trails: Gooseberry and Woodlawn Parks cleanup, river corridor paths, and the lowering of the bicycle/pedestrian bridges will follow when the river recedes and the ground dries a bit more. Park facility reservations will resume for rental in mid-May to allow for cleaning of amenities after water recedes.

Looking ahead: Center Ave bridge repairs are scheduled to begin in May and last 6 – 8 weeks. This project will not begin until 1 Ave N bridge is reopened to traffic.

Lisa Bode, Governmental Affairs Director, 218.299.5372


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