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Moorhead Flood 2019 Update

Red River has Crested

Post Date:04/09/2019 10:22 am

Current River Level 34.95 feet

The Red River appears to have crested at 35.05 feet on Monday, April 8, making this the 10th highest crest on record (data to be verified by National Weather Service). Implementation of the City’s flood plan was completed as expected, and mitigation work conducted over the past 10 years significantly reduced the need for temporary protective measures. The river will remain at major flood stage for several days, and City crews will continue to monitor the infrastructure along the river during this time.

Although flood waters have begun to recede, flood work continues. Pumps and gates will be monitored while the river remains above flood stage. The steps implemented in Moorhead’s flood plan to date will be “undone” in reverse order. A significant clean-up effort will be needed on flooded streets and in parks along the river. This work will take longer than you may expect and will compete with other tasks that are normally a priority this time of the year. City crews will be working hard to put the City back into good working order as quickly as possible.

After a long winter, everyone is all looking forward to nice spring-like weather. As we enjoy the great outdoors, an important public safety reminder to keep your distance from the river and flood infrastructure. The Moorhead Fire Department stresses that the water is very cold and murky—you can’t see what lies beneath. Heed the barricades and stay back from the river.

Current travel impacts due to flooding within the City of Moorhead:
Bridges closed: North Broadway, 15 Ave N, 1 Ave N
Roads affected: Wall St Ave N, 1 Ave N, Woodlawn Park Drive, 3 St, 22 Ave S, Rivershore Drive

Check back to the travel impact map for updates as roads and bridges reopen.

For media inquiries:
Lisa Bode, Government Affairs Director, 218.299.5372

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