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Mosquito monitoring in Moorhead

Trap counts currently below nuisance threshold, expected to rise with recent rain

Post Date:06/15/2018 9:43 am
The City of Moorhead contracts with Cass County Vector Control (CCVC) for consistent mosquito control in our metro area.  CCVC has been hard at work monitoring traps in the City of Moorhead and conducting larvacide operations at potential breeding sites within the city. Over the past 21 days, trap counts have been well below nuisance threshold (35 females per trap average). With the recent rain, trap counts are expected to rise and CCVC will monitor over the next 3-6 days to determine if an aerial application is necessary in the F-M area. Mosquito samples have been of the nuisance variety and there has been no detection of West Nile species in Moorhead or in the F-M area at this time. However, residents should remain vigilant as West Nile species have been detected in surrounding metro areas. Property owners are encouraged to drain standing water and use insect repellent.

For more information on our mosquito control program, please visit CCVC.
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