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Hydrant Pressure and Flow Testing May 8

Customers may notice decreased water pressure or water discoloration due to testing

Post Date:05/07/2018 4:54 pm
Moorhead Public Service (MPS) has begun Hydrant Pressure and Flow Testing Program in several locations throughout its water distribution system. The program will consist of installing hydrant pressure recorders and conducting hydrant flow tests throughout the distribution system. The program is being undertaken as part of an update to MPS’ Water Distribution Master Plan to efficiently make improvements to the water distribution system so MPS can continue to provide the highest quality product to its customers.

On Tuesday, May 8, between 7 am and 5 pm, MPS customers may notice periods of decreased water pressure or discoloration of their water due to the hydrant pressure and flow testing being performed by MPS. Water discoloration results from temporary disturbances in the water distribution system due to a rapid increase in velocity of water in the pipes when flow testing fire hydrants. These short-term disturbances can stir up naturally-occurring minerals and sediment that have settled over time within the watermains.

Customers should refrain from laundering clothes or using hot water during testing times. If your water does become discolored or cloudy, customers should run cold water from one or more faucets for approximately five minutes, or until the water appears clear.

If you have any questions regarding MPS’ Hydrant Pressure and Flow Testing Program, you may contact MPS Water Plant Supervisor Marc Pritchard at 218.477.8072 or at, or MPS Water Field Technician Jake Long at 218.477.8073 or at
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