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"Fraud-Scam Reports on the Rise"

Post Date:02/13/2018 8:00 am

The Moorhead Police Department has noticed a concerning increase in the number of Fraud – Scam reports recently. Over the last two weeks, sixteen different Fraud reports were taken by Moorhead officers. The reported scams varied; however they often shared the common goal of “theft by deception”.

A variety of phone scams were among those reported. Often involving an alleged relative needing financial assistance for arrest bail, car repairs, etc. Unfortunately, these financial predators were successful in a number of these incidents and have prompted us to remind the public once again to please be very cautious with your personal funds. “Grandparents” have been the target of choice.

Be extremely careful with providing personal information over the telephone. Often falsely associating themselves with companies or organizations they are given account numbers that later allows them access to personal bank accounts or are mailed gift cards for payment.  One Moorhead Police Officer took three separate incident reports over the last two weeks where financial scam victims purchased gift cards from Target, i-Tunes, and Steam totaling $11,000 for fabricated outstanding bills.       

Reported computer scams have been ranging from fake over-payment checks being sent for payment of advertised items on Craigslist to notifications that they have won a prize and need to provide personal information. 

Several of the complainants indicated that they were able to identify that they were being lied to through extensive questioning of the caller. The callers would hang up once they were exposed as imposters.

We would appreciate additional media attention to this concern and encourage open discussions with immediate and extended family members.

Moorhead Police Department

Captain Tory Jacobson


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