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Back to School Safely

Post Date:09/05/2017 5:00 am

The Moorhead Police Department would like to remind everyone that the 2017 elementary and high school year begins in Moorhead today. With all the excitement that the first day of school brings, please consider morning and mid-afternoon commute delays associated with increased bicycle/pedestrian traffic and simply more cars on the roads. Moorhead Officers will be actively enforcing school speed zones and helping ensure that the crossing guards are complied with. We will also be enforcing distracted driving laws (cell phone texting) and seat belt violations. Fines in Minnesota start at $125, so please drive safely.

As school buses will once again be picking up children throughout the city, we remind everyone that it is illegal to pass a school bus that has flashing lights and their stop arm out. As of August 1, fine amounts were raised from $300 to $500. Failure to comply with this driving law will continue to be strictly enforced due to the high level of danger that these violations present to the children. Another significant annual school safety concern is with dropping off children at the schools. Please respect the school bus loading and unloading zones.

We share the enthusiasm that "back to school" brings, but point out that everyone plays a part in ensuring that it is done safely! Additional Police Officers will be out patrolling for enhanced public safety.

Moorhead Police Department
Lieutenant Tory Jacobson

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