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Smoke Alarms: 10-year replacement requirement

Bring your property up-to-date now!

Post Date:07/19/2017 8:00 am

All property owners should ensure all smoke alarms (hard-wired and battery) are working and are not older than 10 years.  The manufacture date is noted on the device.  Replace any smoke alarms that are at least 10 years old with the same type of power supply.  As you make replacements, it's recommended that you write the date on the visible part of the smoke alarm to alleviate having to remove the smoke alarm to determine the manufacture date in the future. 

There should be one working smoke alarm in each sleeping area and one on each level of the building.  

Rental housing units will be checked for compliance with the 10-year replacement requirement during 2017 inspections.  Enforcement will be conducted on units not brought current during the 2018 inspection cycle.  

Questions?  Contact the City of Moorhead Fire Department, 218.299.5298.

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