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Our Facility Directory contains a list of City buildings, including parks and other recreational locations, across all departments and categories.  You can click on the name of the facility to see more information about it.  If you would like to see only facilities for a certain department or category, you can choose it from one of the drop-down boxes below.

If you're looking for a park or recreation facility, you might want to look at the map of these locations.

  • Morningside Park
    Morningside Park
    1. Address:455 Oakway
      Moorhead, MN 56560
    2. Phone:218.299.5340
    3. Capacity:20 - 50
    1. Basketball court
    2. Electricity
    3. Grill
    4. Hockey rinks
    5. Picnic tables
    6. Playground equipment
    7. Pleasure rink
    8. Shelter
    1. Parks
Park Hours are 10 am - 10 pm, Monday - Sunday
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