Emerald Ash Borer Prevention


The Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a beetle. The adult insect causes minimal damage; however, the feeding of the larval stage under the bark of an ash tree causes the tree to eventually die. This insect only affects ash trees. Millions of ash trees have already been lost to this insect in the upper Midwest and parts of Canada. As of today, ash borer has not been found in Moorhead or in the immediate area; however, it is likely this insect will continue to spread around the state and eventually into Moorhead.

Preparing for EAB

  • Forestry has created a tree inventory identifying the location of ash trees (as well as other varieties).
  • Ash trees are being removed from boulevards and parks, when appropriate, and replaced with different varieties.
  • Forestry strongly discourages homeowners from planting ash trees on private property.

How You can Prevent EAB

  • Do not move firewood - different tree diseases and pests can be inadvertently transferred. Buy firewood at your destination and burn it all on site.
  • EAB is difficult to detect in early infestations, but one sign is a tree frequented by woodpeckers or with extensive woodpecker damage.
  • Chemical treatments to combat EAB are available. This is not recommended until EAB is confirmed to be established within 15 miles of your residence. Treatments are best done by a professional pesticide applicator.

Residents can report concerns Forestry or requesting tree removal.