Dutch Elm Disease Control Program


Dutch Elm Disease (DED) is an infectious disease that affects elm trees. It is spread mainly through the tree roots and by elm bark beetles. Forestry devotes the summer months to slowing the spread of this devastating disease. Two objectives of the DED program are early detection and prompt removal and disposal of infected and dead elm trees.

Tree Removal
Infected elms on boulevards and other City of Moorhead property are removed by Forestry staff. Infected and dead elm on private property are inspected and tagged for removal by Forestry staff.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to remove tagged elms on private property. Property owners are given two weeks to have a tagged elm removed. If the tree is not removed in this time frame Forestry will contract with a licensed tree contractor to perform the removal work and the cost is assessed to the property.

The DED Program is further outlined in City Code 

Elm material can be disposed of through the Brush Pickup service.

Elm wood with the bark intact is not allowed to be stored within city limits after April 1 through the summer months. Elm wood used for firewood over the winter must be used by that April 1 date or discarded to help stop the spread of DED.