City Sandbags Not Needed at this Time

A media report incorrectly stated sandbag requirements for our upcoming flood preparation. The City of Moorhead has 30,000 sandbags in heated storage ready to be deployed if required. Due to permanent levee construction, and buyout of properties, no additional sandbags are required to protect public infrastructure for a flood up to 39 feet. There are enough sandbags in storage even if the flood forecast was raised to 40 feet. An additional 25,000 sandbags will be required if the forecast changes to 41 feet. Given the current forecast, the City of Moorhead will not need to produce additional sandbags.

Volunteer to Help Residents

FirstLink manages volunteer check-in sites and a disaster volunteer helpline during disasters. If you are interested in volunteering,  FirstLink can help connect you with your neighbors who may have needs for sandbaggers. Please register and search FirstLink or call their volunteer hotline at 701-476-4000.