Flood Response Information

The City of Moorhead continues to monitor National Weather Service flood forecasts and is implementing flood protection protocols. The temperatures and amount of precipitation received in the upcoming days and weeks will affect future flood forecasts. The City remains vigilant and will conduct additional public outreach as more precise information is known.

Mapping tool:  Some private properties on the riverfront could be affected. Check your property at various river stages using our flood mapping tool. Zoom in to view potential impact areas specific to your property.   

To ensure you receive important updates, please sign up for eNotification or verify that your current subscription includes the category Service Alerts.

For emergency announcements, register for Cass Clay Alerts.

Riverfront Neighborhood Zones

Moorhead has established four "Flood Zones" for neighborhoods near the river.  Each Zone has a Zone Leader who will be the primary point of contact for property owners within the Zone who may need technical advice or assistance while protecting their properties.

Oakport Neighborhood

The Oakport neighborhood was annexed to the City of Moorhead in 2015. Much of the Oakport neighborhood is protected by a flood control project completed by the Buffalo Red River Watershed District. The City of Moorhead is working on a flood protection project for the balance of the area, but that project is not yet complete. Oakport is our neighborhood now, and we want residents to know that our staff is working to support this Moorhead neighborhood. We will provide sandbags to property owners who have not had an opportunity to complete a voluntary acquisition from the City of Moorhead or Buffalo-Red River Watershed District. More information to come.