Apartments and Multi-Family Housing


Container Recognition

The recycling container can be identified as either a blue 300-gallon container or a blue dumpster located near the existing garbage dumpster. See below for accepted recyclables.

Accepted and Unaccepted

View the No-Sort Recycling Guide or Always/Never in the bin Guide for a list of accepted and unaccepted items. New items have been added such as phone books, office paper, pizza boxes, cartons, and more.

        No plastic bags, please!
        Plastic bags cannot be recycled through the City’s recycling program.
        Please recycle plastics bags at businesses such as Hornbacher's, Wal-Mart, and Target.

Recycling Fee

On your Moorhead Public Service bill, each resident will be charged $3.59/month. The $3.59 will be charged to your account even if you do not recycle.


                                       Educating your residents

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*Contact Hayley Hilfer to order decals(Weatherproof) and totes*

                           Always/Never in the Bin (PDF)             Recycling Poster(PDF)

                           Recycling at home 8x11 with border       RECYCLING POSTER

*Recycling Container Decal(PDF)  

Recycling tote bag                           * Recycling Doorhanger
                              Recycling tote                     Updated Doorhanger-1