Meadows medians


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Accidents in the intersection of 11th Avenue and 32nd Street (prior to the installation  of yield signs) has shined a light on the maintenance, or lack thereof of the landscape medians into your neighborhood. This lack of maintenance has resulted in an unsightly look and visibility issues (that have been addressed). 

These medians and landscaping were originally installed over 20 years ago. At that time, enhanced amenities like this were uncommon and the City did not consider the long term ramifications of not having a very well defined maintenance agreement for them. For many years, they did what they were intended to do and provided a unique, upgraded entry into your neighborhood. Unfortunately without a long term maintenance agreement or home owners association maintaining them, they are where they have ended up- overgrown and unsightly, to a lesser degree unsafe. 

To address this, we are hoping to get feedback from everyone in your neighborhood and to vote for one of three options below:


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