Medallion Hunt Clues


Medallion Hunt LogoMedallion Hunt Rules

  • Three (3) medallions will be hidden within city limits on property which is accessible to the public.
  • No disassembly or digging will be required to find the medallions.
  • Medallions will not be placed on or near riverbanks or bodies of water for safety.
  • Hunters should observe all posted Park hours and rules.
  • Use the daily clues and the Parks and Recreation program brochure to find medallions.
  • The Medallion Hunt begins on Monday, September 13, and ends on Thursday, September 16.
  • Clue Locations:
    • Daily clues for the medallions will be announced on Big 98.7, Bob 95.1, and The Fox 107.9 radio stations at or after 8 am.
    • Clues will also be posted on this page each day, as well as the Moorhead Parks and Recreation office.
  • If you find a medallion, immediately follow the directions included with the medallion.
  • Clues will be updated as soon as possible after found medallions are verified.
  • If a medallion is not found by Thursday, September 16, 2021, at 4:30 pm, the Medallion Hunt Committee reserves the right to terminate the hunt and any unclaimed prizes may be returned to the sponsor or donated to a charity of their choice.
  • The Medallion Hunt Committee assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries sustained by participants. Participants are urged to use reasonable safety precautions, particularly around steep inclines, sharp objects, electrical wires, etc.
  • Good sportsmanship and all applicable rules and regulations must be followed. Violators may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Medallion Hunt Committee.
  • Prizes must be claimed by an adult over the age of 18 and only one (1) prize may be claimed per household.
  • Members of the Medallion Hunt Committee, their immediate family, present and past employees of Moorhead Parks and Recreation, and their immediate families are ineligible to hunt for the medallion or claim prizes.

2021 Medallion Hunt Clues will be listed below each day at or after 8 am.

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Gold Medallion          $1,000 in Hornbacher's gift cards - Thomas Freuch is the winner of the Gold Medallion and $1,000 in gift cards to Hornbacher’s! Thomas started searching after Clue 3 when he figured the Our must signify a pronoun and thought Fargo. He also knows of the horseshoe pits in Moorhead that helped lead him towards that area. After kicking around for a while he was about to head back to his car and noticed some trash, sure enough his good deed of picking it up, led him to search under a nearby rock and found the hidden Medallion in Riverfront Park!

gold winner 2021

Red Medallion           $500 Cash Prize  - Jason Mougey was the lucky winner of the Red Medallion and the $500 cash prize! Jason found the Red Medallion early in the morning after the third clue was released. Figuring it was Voll Park, he made his way to the park nestled on Fairway Drive. Others were there searching and he saw someone look under a pine tree but decided to look himself. After noticing an odd piece of wood, he moved to the side and found the Red Medallion!

red winner 2021

Green Medallion        $500 Moorhead Business Prize Package - Jacob and Jonathon Kalvoda found the Green Medallion and were the winners of the Moorhead Business Prize Package valued at $500! Jacob had an idea of the area on Day 2 when he googled “Summit” in Moorhead and found the Summit Ridge Apartments. On Day 3, he refreshed the clues right at 8:00 am and saw “The royal area” clue, went back to his Google Maps and saw Queens Park! Quickly they made their way to the park and searched for 20 minutes. After not having any luck, Jacob had to go to work but returned to Queens Park to ultimately find the prize!

green winners 2021



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