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The City of Moorhead, Downtown Moorhead Inc., and Moorhead Business Association are dedicated to identifying resources currently available to business and employees affected by the Corona Virus (COVID-19). We are closely monitoring proposed federal resources as they become available and will be prepared to interpret and apply that information for your benefit. The first stop should always be your lender. Currently, federal agencies are working to offset the economic impacts of this pandemic and some of the quickest ways of doing this are directly through local lenders. For this reason, they may well have the quickest response to assist you.

guidance for Moorhead Bars & Restaurants
The City of Moorhead is releasing guidance for restaurants and bars considering outdoor service to comply with the COVID-19 reopening requirements. The guide includes:

- Industry best practices
- Alcohol license compliance information
- City contacts for license/permit questions and building codes assistance

In addition to offering outdoor dining on the business premises, the City of Moorhead will make available appropriate public space for outdoor seating. The Moorhead City Council authorized the City Manager to enter into temporary use agreements with licensed establishments that may wish to access city-owned parking lots and portions of the public sidewalk/right-of-way available for outdoor seating.

Please refer inquiries to:
Derrick LaPoint, DMI/Economic Development, Email, 218.443.1361
Christina Rust, City Clerk, Email, 218.299.5304

 source agency
 info & resources for affected businesses & employees
US Small Business Administration (SBA)

Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

Minnesota SBA Lenders List

MN Chamber of Commerce
Resources for Business, Considerations for Employers/Employees, Understanding the Economic Impact, Keeping Workplaces Safe & Healthy
MN Dept of Health
Sick Leave Policy & Other Employee Related Info
MN Dept of Revenue

Tax-Related Services

MN Unemployment Insurance
Employees affected by COVID-19 may apply for unemployment benefits
MN Dept of Employment & Economic Development


Information & Resources for Employers

Information & Resources for Workers

MN Dept of Labor & Industry

Updates related to COVID-19

MN Dept of Employment & Economic Development
A Guide for Minnesota Small Businesses Who Need Help
West Central Initiative
Small Business Emergency Loans

SAFELY RETURN TO WORK - Updated 6.5.2020
Executive Orders

Order 20-40: Safely Return to Work Order - Manufacturing & Industry

Order 20-48:  Safely Return to Work Order - Retail Businesses for curbside or outdoor pickup and delivery


Order 20-63: Continuing to Safely Reopen Minnesota's Economy and Ensure Safe Non-Work Activities during (ending June 9, 2020 at 11:59 pm)


Order 20-74: Continuing to Safely Reopen Minnesota's Economy and Ensure Safe Work Activities during the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency (beginning June 10, 2020 at 12:00 am)


Order 20-81: Requiring Minnesotans to Wear a Face Covering in Certain Setting to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 (beginning July 25, 2020 at 12:00 am)


Guidance on What Can and Cannot be Open

Industry Guidance for Safely Reopening

For Businesses

Guidance for Businesses to Safely Return to Work

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Template (PDF)

Employer Preparedness Plan - Checklist (PDF)

For Workers
Guidance for Workers Safely Returning to Work



In light of recent focus on the reopening of business and retail across Minnesota, it is important to maintain proper occupant loads. In the table below, you will find links to information sheets to help you calculate the traditional property occupant loads as well as occupant loads in compliance with the governor's recent executive order for Salons, Restaurants, and Bars.

 Occupant  Load guidance documents


Calculating the occupant loads of salons at 25 percent capacity


(Restaurants & Bars)

Guidance for the installation of partitions or barriers in assembly occupancies


(Restaurants & Bars)

Calculating the occupant load in assembly occupancies

Retail & Business
Calculating the occupant load in retail and business occupancies at 50 percent capacity