Center Ave Project


The City of Moorhead recently initiated a planning and preliminary engineering study of the Center Ave Corridor from the Red River to 8 St.  The City has a project programmed to rehabilitate this Corridor in 2019.  The city’s consultant, Stantec, will lead this project together with representatives of the city’s engineering and planning department.

The City previously completed a study of the project corridor cooperatively with Metro COG and MnDOT in 2013.  The 2013 Corridor Study included multiple corridors including Highway 10, Highway 75, and Center Ave.  At this time, the City would like to re-evaluate the alternatives included within the 2013 Corridor Study along with some additional alternatives to ensure the corridor is examined with a complete streets approach.  This approach studies all modes of transportation, existing and proposed development, the overall safety of the corridor for all users, and options to improve the corridor aesthetics. 

This study will also have a strong focus on public input and will include a project steering committee, focus group meetings, landowner meetings and two public input meetings.


Please let us know your thoughts on the various Center Avenue options:

Center Avenue Survey


Additional Background:

Center Avenue Project Area Map

January, 2018 Alternative Analysis Summary

July 26, 2017 Existing & Forecast Analysis Memo

June 27, 2017 Open House Presentation  

June 27, 2017 Public Input Meeting Summary




If you have any comments or questions regarding the project, please contact the Engineering Department.  A future public meeting will be held to gather community input.